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Text Neck "Epidemic", is it affecting you?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Written by: Hayley Kwon

Most people experience neck pain at some point. According to the Global Burden of Disease study, neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability, and 30% of individuals with neck pain will have chronic neck issues (1). Neck pain is often associated with shoulder or upper back pain and sometimes it causes headaches. (2)

A major cause of neck pain is poor posture. Studies have shown that people who are involved in office work, manual labour, and healthcare are most at risk of developing neck pain due to poor ergonomic set-ups and postures that put stress on the neck. (1) Users of smartphones and other electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and computers are also at risk of developing neck pain. The term “text neck” is used to describe the neck pain and repetitive stress injury (overuse injury) that results from prolonged use of electrical devices and holding the head in a forward and downward position over sustained periods of time. (3) Having the head tilted in a forward direction creates a lot of pressure on the spine, and also increases loads on surrounding muscles. In the long term, it can lead to deformed spinal curvature, early onset of arthritis, disc compression and muscle weakness. (4)

Research has shown that spinal manipulation can provide effective short-term relief of neck pain. (1) However, prevention and rehabilitation is most important when treating neck pain.

At Osmosis Chiro, we provide chiropractic adjustments and muscle releases to reduce the pain and also prescribe postural corrective exercises and rehab programs that are designed for each individual.

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