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Initial Consultation

For First Time Patient

  • History Taking

  • Full Spine Examination

  • Orthopedic And Neurologic Testing

  • Accurate Diagnosis

  • Explain Cause Of Your Problem

  • Chiropractic Treatment

  • Muscle Release

  • Personalised Rehabilitation Exercise



Follow up Consultation

For Existing Patient

  • History Taking

  • Re-examination

  • Treatment

  • Muscle Release

  • Peronalised Rehabilitation Exercises Check


Medicare bulk bill

Medicare EPC

For Medicare EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) will require you have a referral letter from your G.P.

A doctor needs to fill out a EPC referral form which allows chiropractic treatments to be subsidised by Medicare up to a maximum of 5 treatments per year.


This is only for chronic conditions which have been occurring for more than 6 months.

For more details about EPC, follow the link to The Department of Health website.

Note: For EPC patients, there is a gap payment of $55 for initial consultation and  $10 for follow up consultations.

Private Health Funds

We are registered chiropractors and are accepted by all major health funds.

We have a HICAPS terminal, so we can claim from your health insurer on the spot. Or alternatively we can issue you invoices on payment and you can claim back from your health fund either online or in a branch.


We are a participating provider for HCF's More for Backs program. Which means if you are eligible for HCF's More for You program, there is no gap payment on initial consultation.

all health funds
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