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How does a sedentary lifestyle affect your body?

Written by: Kenneth Chew

The human body was designed to move and be active. As we move around, our muscles, heart, and cardiovascular system functions more effectively by promoting blood circulation. Our digestion and bowel functions also work more efficiently when we are upright and moving about. A sedentary lifestyle is one that involves little to no physical activity, which can have many negative consequences on your health.

Muscle wasting and pain

The body has a “use it or lose it” mentality. If we aren’t moving around and using our muscles, they can waste away and become weak. This can eventually lead to muscle and joint pain.

Body weight

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to inefficient digestion. Moreover, your metabolism slows down, which may mean that you gain weight.

Other health conditions

One study found that men who watched more than 23 hours of television a week have a 64 per cent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease when compared to men who watched only 11 hours. Another research article suggests that people who spend more time sitting have a 112 per cent higher risk of diabetes.

How can we help?

At Osmosis Chiro, we are always promoting healthy living. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from any sort of musculoskeletal issue, our chiropractors can help to relieve your pain, help you to move better and assist you in conscious living, preventing further injuries in the future.

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