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Tips to prevent sore neck/back from long hours sitting at the desk.

Written by: Vincent Chou

Sitting for 6 - 8 hours a day?

Our bodies were designed for movement, however with the increasing amount of technology we are constantly spending more and more time in sedentary positions, whether it be at work, at home or anywhere in between.

Sedentary activities apply constant strain on our muscles and joints and over prolonged periods of time they can begin to fatigue, leading to sore, dull achy joints and muscles. By sitting in a good posture, it will encourage proper use of your muscles which will decrease stress on ligaments and joints and reduce muscle fatigue.

Therefore it is important to sit with good posture to help your body reduce the amount of strain and stress on your spine.

10 tips for a better seated position

  1. Position top of monitor at eye level

  2. Keep monitor at an arm’s length away

  3. Position monitor and keyboard directly in front of you

  4. Feet flat on the floor (foot rest if required)

  5. Position hips as far back into the seat

  6. Hips and knees kept at a 90 degree angle

  7. Elbows close to the body

  8. Forearms parallel with ground

  9. Avoid protruding your head forward

  10. Take micro-breaks (5-10mins of movement every hour)

If using a laptop, consider using an external monitor and external keyboard and mouse whilst following the above tips.

These simple changes at work can keep your spine healthy for the future.

If you are still unsure whether your posture is correct, book a consultation at Osmosis Chiro and one of our practitioners can help determine the best way for you to get better posture and feeling your best.

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